Oahu Snorkeling

Waikiki Rigger Catamaran Turtle Canyon Eco Snorkel Sail

Please note that the Waikiki Rigger Catamaran is in dry dock currently but is still offering sails.  They are currently using a slightly smaller catamaran, the Island Magic Catamaran, that has a capacity of 25 guests and is a twin hull catamaran.  Please expect them to be using Island Magic Catamaran until the end of February.

Hawaii offers spectacular snorkeling locations on all the islands. Don’t miss out on the beauty of Oahu’s underwater world! The Waikiki Rigger Catamaran offers a Turtle Canon Snorkel Sail that is perfect for enjoying Oahu snorkeling, Oahu sailing, and relaxation. Depart right from Waikiki Beach on the Waikiki Rigger Catamaran Turtle Canyon Snorkel Sail for a morning of great Hawaii snorkeling.

Once the vessel departs the beach guests can sit back and relax and may even get to enjoy the playful antics of Spinner Dolphins that tend to frolic alongside the sailing catamaran. Iconic views of Diamond Head can even be enjoyed and are a perfect backdrop to any pictures taken aboard!

The Waikiki Rigger will make a heading to the beautiful Turtle Canyon, a perfect spot for Oahu snorkeling tours. On this Oahu activity, guests have a chance to see Flying fish, Moorish Idol, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Hawaii state fish), Green Sea Turtles, and other unique Hawaii marine life.

The custom nets on the Waikiki Rigger catamaran also offer a chance to lay back, relax, and sun bath on this Oahu tour. Hawaii Vacations can’t be complete without Hawaii activities out on the beautiful water! This Hawaii tour is perfect for all ages and groups. Join the Waikiki Rigger Catamaran in exploring Oahu’s world under the sea.

The Waikiki Rigger Catamaran is the perfect vessel to relax on any Oahu tour.

  • 45 feet long and 24 foot wide championship racing catamaran
  • Can accomodate up to 40 passengers sailing at a time
  • Twin 50 horsepower engines
  • Digital Bose sound system
  • Enjoy the perfect lounging area on the custom fitted "spectra nets" or the luxury mid-deck seating
  • Stocked bar with many of our visitors' favorite beverages
  • On-board restroom
  • Lifeguard certified captain and crew
  • Floatation and Snorkeling equipment included

Where and When:
Check in at 9:30am.
Check in is beach side of the Outrigger Reef Hotel. By the Shorebird Restaurant. View Map
All guests must know how to swim to be allowed to participate.
Wear a Swimsuit. Suggested to bring a towel and sunscreen
Please note that boarding is a "wet boarding". This means that you will have to remove your shoes and wade through water to board the catamaran.
Operation Days:
Daily. Check in at 9:30am.
2.5 to 3 hours
Total : $0.00